Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Need

Things I am in need of, to restore my spirit:
  • Solitude.  Lots of it.
  • Mornings (plural!) of sunlight, coffee and home.
  • Meeting for worship, and an encounter there with God.
  • The smell of an old book.
  • Baking bread and hanging laundry in the sun.
  • The sound of birdsong.
  • Rushing water.
  • The smell of clean earth, and the living light of the forest.
  • The sight of a deer through trees, a hawk in the sky, and an indignant red squirrel, tail thrashing at my impertinence.
(Soon.  Please, Lady, soon.)
    Photo: Jarle Nystuen


    Michael Bright Crow said...

    I see them for you already.


    JACKIE said...

    And a huge oak tree to hug. I'll settle for the dogwood in the front yard though.

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