Saturday, May 17, 2014

Praise Song

Praise the beauty of the world.

Up-tossed ancient lichened granite
Shaggy hemlocks' pools of shade
Spring explosions of forsythia
Matted needles under pines

Dark green rot from the first grass clippings
the neon green of seedling chard
Blush of green that tints the woodlot
Apple trees blooming among their thorns

Rabbit, black bears and turkey vultures
Shaggy horses beside the barn
Mice in the orchard, bees in the beehive
Raise your voices, raise your eyes

Praise the mud and rain and budding
Praise the beauty of the world.


Michael said...


Cat C-B said...

:-) back at you, my friend.

ekunyi said...

Lovely lyrics, lovely sentiment. Spring has been a long time coming here in Pittsburgh. ;)

Cat C-B said...

Thanks, Ekunyi.

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