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A Pagan Jesus?

As a Quaker Pagan, I'm often accused (and, yes, that really is the word for it) by other Pagans of being a closet Christian.  Nope.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Jesus Club.  Though hanging out with Quakers has given me a deepened awareness of how much there can be of value in Christianity, and being Quaker myself has taught me how to approach Christian messages by " listening in tongues ," I have yet to feel a call to Jesus.  Given how hard it is for other Pagans to hear anything that is said after the word "Jesus," I'm grateful for that.  That bare word tends to drown out anything else that the person who speaks it might have to say, at least for some listeners. Meanwhile, over at Bishop in the Grove , one of my all-time-favorite Pagan bloggers Teo Bishop has posted a deliberately provocative essay,  " Who's Going to Be My Pagan Jesus? "  He's pretty clearly not asking the question that many of his readers