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Real Anti-racism Will Involve Mistakes

By now, if you are a Pagan Internet addict like me, or one of the less than “. 25% of all of Pagandom ” that attended this year’s PantheaCon , you have already heard about the controversy sparked by PantyCon , the satirical workshop schedule that is, apparently, an annual feature of the gathering.  Among other offerings was this mock workshop listing on racism: Ignoring Racism: A Workshop for White Pagans Large Umbrella Pagan Group Isn’t all this talk of social justice and racism just tiring? Don’t you wish you could just ignore it and put out meaningless statements of pure pablum? We’ll discuss how to ignore requests for consideration by pagans of color, cover up racist actions of high-ranking members, and pretend that you don’t understand the resulting outrage. Remember, #AllLivesMatter, except when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient. Large Umbrella Pagan Group has been around for long enough that they think that they can get away with this stuff. This has bee

An Open Letter to Winter at Imbolc

Dear Winter: Icicle and New Snow. Cat Chapin-Bishop. 2013. I know, I know. So many people misunderstand you. You bring us beauty, like soft, white snowfalls and glittery ice, hanging like jewels from the treetops; we swear and snarl because your lovely ice and snow keep us from rushing about like crazy people in our automobiles. You bring us rest, and stillness, and for those of us who garden, you kill off the pests and weeds that threatened us with madness a few months ago (and will threaten us again a few months from now). Your cold and dark allows the Bear Mother to curl up with her babies , deep in the quiet places of the woods, holding them close to her warm breath. You bring us the wonder of clear tracks in snow, calligraphy left us from the wild things who share our world, but seen so rarely by us hurried humans. And then, in February, as the days lengthen and your beauty is crowned by the flame of the sun, we grumble and complain some more. We want the be