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Goodbye to Patheos Pagan Channel

The Quick Version T his will be our last post for the Patheos Pagan channel. We’ll keep writing, and you will always find us at . Our archives will appear both here and also at Patheos, as is customary for their bloggers who leave that site. (We will not be transferring comments, so if you are looking for an old discussion after one of our posts, you will find it there .) For Those Who Want to Know: Why We Are Leaving Like a number of other Pagan bloggers , my husband and I were not happy with the most recent contract we Patheos offered us. Actually, I haven’t been happy with the overall direction I’ve seen here for some time–not because of the content of the Pagan blogs here, which I continue to enjoy, but because there’s an increasing push to monetize our writing.  And while there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but I’m not sure that’s how my writing works–at least here on this blog. The strapline at Quaker Pagan Reflections has long b