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On Writing from a Spiritual Center

How does a person write from a spiritual center?  I can't know for sure how other writers do it. I know which writers have sometimes moved my spirit in response to their words: Ally Lilly . Will Taber . Bright Crow . Peggy Senger Morrison . More Quaker writers than Pagans, I think, so perhaps there is something in how Quakers center themselves in Spirit in their work that feeds their words.  Cassiodorus at the Vivarium Certainly, Quakers are told to "take heed of the promptings of love and truth in our hearts," and to trust them as the leadings of Spirit. I know that the spiritual writing that moves me most seems to have been centered this way, and to comes out of direct, lived experience: “narrative theology,” as Peggy puts it.  So how's it done? While not every piece I write is this kind of writing, this is what I do, when I take on those pieces that I think of as spiritual writing--as "blogging in the spirit of worship,"

Responding to Abuse in the Pagan Community: a Wild Hunt Guest post

My guest post is up over on The Wild Hunt; it's on how the Pagan community can respond to the issue of child sexual abuse within our community. For those who may not know, I was a psychotherapist for about twenty years, and my main focus was survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  The focus of the Wild Hunt piece is on understanding the dynamics of childhood sexual abuse, and how to build in greater safety and responsiveness in our communities around this threat.