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On Prayer: An Online Shrine to the Victims of Racism

Before I became a Quaker, I didn’t think about prayer very much. Oh, I engaged in it, from time to time, both in terms of formal, ritual invocations and spontaneous, sometimes heated conversations with my gods during hard times.  But it was not the first tool I would reach for, in my spiritual toolkit–probably spellcrafting was. Memorial Candle. Cat Bishop, 2015. I still do spells.  But more and more, I turn to prayer, both as a regular spiritual discipline, and as my go-to option when I am out of options.  In fact, I hope that I’m beginning to see prayer as an option to turn to sooner than that, because there are times when prayer is the only thing that comforts me–and because, after fourteen years as a Quaker, it’s getting to be a little embarrassing that I forget that prayer is an option that’s always open to me. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, in part because two Quaker friends of mine have written a book about prayer.  But prayer is on my min