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Hooray! Deo's Shadow Returns

In case you missed it, after a five month hiatus, Deo's Shadow is back!

Deo's Shadow has no competition in the world of Pagan talk podcasting. (In the world of Pagan musical podcasting, I must put in a word for Jason Pitzl-Waters' A Darker Shade of Pagan, a really professional mix of "Pagan Sounds from the Underground"; and more and more Pagans have already discovered the high-quality Pagan news commentary of Jason's Wild Hunt blog.)

A long hiatus from Deo's Shadow was disappointing, of course. Still, it's no surprise--full time graduate school has competed with the unpaid work of running a talk show for the Pagan community, and is likely to continue to do so. Alas! The price of having such articulate and intelligent hosts is that Deo and Mandy have lives beyond the podcast. Go figure.

Given the hiatus, a good deal of this return episode is a discussion of the ins and outs of running a Pagan podcast and managing relationships with a sometimes ornery and demanding Pagan public. (Someday I will figure out why doing something for free makes so many people think they are entitled to you continuing to do it, for free, and with bigger and better product. Is this just a Pagan thing? I haven't encountered it yet in the Quaker world, but I bet this demon lurks in that community, too...) So, if you're not yet a fan of the show, I'd recommend starting your addiction with an earlier episode. (I'm especially fond of the show which features an interview with Gus DiZerega, the show which featured the Dragon Ritual Drummers, and the somewhat controversial discussions of firepit behavior at Pagan gatherings.

Though for fans, and for those of us who have also experienced that special category of hostility that the Pagan community reserves for those who offer real labors of love free of charge, the current episode is well worth a listen as well. And Deo and Mandy give the folks behind "The Secret" the benefit of a little critical thinking (in more ways than one) as well.

Apparently more content is on the way--a continuation of the interview with Dr. Brendan Myers, and some material from discussions on the Deo's Shadow forum are both in process. I've got my fingers crossed that more episodes come out soon--and plenty of suggestions for future interviews, in case Deo and Mandy ever run short of material. Meanwhile, I'm just glad to welcome them back, and blessed be!


That was great -listening to Pagans take the bloody Secret apart!

I'm a huge fan of Jason's podcast and download it every Sunday, which is really funny as I'm not a music-mad person, or at least I wasn't.
Terri in Joburg
Unknown said…
~wow!! Thanks for the kind words! I stumbled on the blog in a google search - had to take a peek :) Thanks for being so supportive of the show, and yup.. most definitely more coming out! Cheers! ~Mandy (the one from deo's Shadow )

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