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Personal: A Request for Prayers and Spells

I hope you will excuse my being off-topic on this one.

Yesterday, my mom was badly hurt when she was struck by a car as she was walking down the road. Happily, the driver stayed with her and called for help; she was thrown by the impact some distance into the woods, and might not have been found if he/she had been less conscientious.

So already, there is something to be grateful for.

Medical stuff: I'll update or correct this as I have web access and better information later--but the bottom line at the moment seems to be: she hurts, she's going to have a long recovery, but she's going to be OK.

My mom has a number of broken bones; the worst is her leg and ankle, but she also has several broken ribs, a broken arm, and some cracked vertebrae that, thankfully, are not expected to result in long-term damage. No head trauma. She's lucid and clear, though on a morphine drip for pain and in the ICU, and she's going in for surgery on the leg this morning--they want to be sure of circulation to the foot.

Peter and I are going to go up to Maine to visit her and spend some time with my dad, so I can't be sure of being able to update this blog immediately on her condition. However, the current picture is pretty good; my mom is a very young and athletic seventy, as is my dad, and we have family in the area that are already looking out for both of them.

But your prayers, candles, spells, and just holding in the Light are welcome.


Anonymous said…
Cat, I am so sorry to hear about your mom's accident. I will add her to my healing work.
Take good care, Nairn
pastrywitch said…
I'll add your mom to my daily ritual. Take care.
Anonymous said…
Will keep your mother in my thoughts today. I added your mom to a list of people I am asking my own blog readers to send energy to today.

{{{ blessings to all of you }}}

Be blessed!
Dj Connell said…
I'm so sorry to hear this. You and your Mom are in our thoughts and I will add her name (and yours) to our daily ritual.

Remember that the care givers need support and strength, as well. Take care of yourself.

Sia V.
Daisy Deadhead said…
Consider it done, my friend. :)
Erik said…
Oh hon, I'm so sorry to hear that... of coure we'll pray for her!
Me, too Cat.

Terri in Joburg
Thanks, all.

My mom is in a lot of pain right now--eight broken ribs, and _all_ her ribs cracked, apparently--so it hurts to breathe or to move. They're doing what they can to ensure she won't get either a blood clot or pneumonia--the two complications they're most concerned with at the moment--but it hurts when they move her, and moving her is definitely part of what the doctor ordered. She's got a morphine pump for pain, but it's obviously hard being so immobilized. (The leg breaks are pretty bad, and it's likely to be a hard road getting rehabilitated.)

My hurts him so much to see her hurting so much. And they're both working hard at being brave for me, so there's not all that much that I can do for them.

My own daughter has been such a peach in all this--hugs in the morning before we headed up here, and then phone calls all day.

I hate being helpless. But I certainly do love my family.

And thanks to all of you who have held us in your hearts throughout the day. I have been aware of it off and on all day, and it has been a huge comfort.

Blessed be.
Anonymous said…
Nuinn for reknitting of bones. Ngetal for healing. Iphin to remember the sweetness of life. Duir for strength. Luis for clear sight. May these letters form a spell of protection.

"silver maple"
I've been somewhere similar of late, so know how you feel. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.
Anonymous said…
My heart is with you and yours.
Lindley said…
Oh no! I'm so sorry. I haven't commented before, but I've been reading for a bit. Your mother is in my prayers.
Chris said…
Cat - I'm a grateful reader and find such peace and hard-won wisdom here. Holding your mom in a warm, healing light, and sending calm energy to you and your family.
Morgan said…
Dear Friend, you are in my heart and I will hold you all in the Light.
Morgan said…
This is not remotely off-topic!
Morgan said…
p.s. I will also hold the driver in the Light. A dear friend of mine once struck a pedestrian, through no fault of her own, and it can be devastating for the driver, as well. I'm so very glad the driver stayed with your mom.

Might we know your mom's name?
Anonymous said…
Cat, I'm so very sorry. I will be concentrating on your mother's healing.
Meegan said…
I'm so sorry to hear this.
I have been reading your posts for a couple months now and have appreciated your viewpoint quite often on things so I feel as if I have gotten to know a part of you.
I will send out some positive energy for your mom and wish her a healthy and full recovery.
Will T said…
Blessings and healing to your mother, yourself and your entire family.

For what it's worth, the captcha to post this comment is allone or as I read it All One.

RevCindi said…
Cat--keeping you all in our thoughts and sending healing energies to your mom. Be sure to take care of yourself and encourage your dad to do the same. You'll all need your strength for the recovery process. Sending blessings...
Many,many thanks to all of you who are holding us in prayer and vigil. My mom continues to do well, and, miraculously,the broken bones seem to be the extent of her injuries. (The spinal guy has yet to give a verdict on that, but all initial signs are good.)

My mom's first name is Mary-Ellen... While I don't put up more information on family on this blog, those of you who are Facebook friends can learn more if you like.

Thank you all.

If ever you wonder if your words, prayers,and workings have impact, let me say that I have continued to feel held up by kindness and love. I know its helping--thank you.
Anonymous said…
I love that photo of your mom! I'll be holding her in the Light.

~Flaneuse in DC
Kate said…
Praying for her -- and for you and your family, as well.
My mom is one tough broad!

Just got off the phone with my dad--my mom was fitted for a body-brace today, to stabilize the ribs and vertebrae, and it has been very helpful. They're already pushing her to move the broken arm--in a soft cast--the wrist and shoulder and so on.

And they had her sitting upright on the edge of her bed today, with her feet hanging over the edge! The physical therapist wanted her to stand, with weight on the good leg (obviously) but at that point it was late enough in the day that she was too tired to try it. Maybe tomorrow!

There is some fluid around her lungs from the bruising, and they'll decide tomorrow if they need to aspirate it. But she's already so much stronger than she was. Halleluia! Woo-Hoo!

Go, Mom! You ROCK.
Yewtree said…
Healing on its way. Glad to hear she is on the mend already.
Bright Crow said…
Holding your Mom in the Light.

Blessed Be,
Michael Bright Crow

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